Friday, 11 November 2016

Four Considerations of Naming Your Business

When starting a business, it is vital you choose the right name for your firm. With a memorable name, your business can distinguish itself from competitors and develop a robust brand identity, presenting itself as a trusted provider of goods and services to your target market. In order to help you develop a strong name, Turner Little examines four of the key considerations of naming your business.  

Turner Little: Number of Private UK Firms Reaches New Heights

Fresh data from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) indicates that the number of privately-owned businesses operating in the UK has now hit a new record high.

Record creation rates Data released in 2015 suggested that almost half of UK adults want to start a business. In this poll, 45% of adults surveyed said that consumer spending habits and improving lifestyle conditions would put them at an advantage if they chose to start their own company. Also Brexit has devalued the Pound, bringing new opportunities for small firms who operate in sectors such as export and tourism.

Friday, 28 October 2016

What Tax Allowances Can Your Small Businesses Utilise?

There are a range of taxes which affect businesses. You could be required to pay income tax as a sole trader, for instance. However, when you become self-employed, you can claim some operating costs against your tax bill, lowering outgoings. Turner Little considers the tax allowances you could potentially utilise.

UK SMEs Are Capitalising On R&D Tax Credits

If you run a small to medium sized enterprise (SME), you can claim (research and development) R&D tax credits. You can use these credits to offset certain product development costs from your corporation tax bill, lowering your outgoings. New data indicates that many SME owners are taking advantage of these tax credits, but that a significant share of small businesses are not aware of their full entitlement.

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How to Develop Your Business’ Phone Number

It is vital that when you start a business, you select your phone number carefully. It is advisable to use a marketing number, which does not pin your firm down to a geographical location. These numbers can be effective marketing tools, helping you attract consumers nationwide and generate greater revenue. There are various options with marketing numbers. Here is Turner Little’s guide to business phone number options.

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How Could Brexit Change Trademark Protection?

It is wise to use trademarks to protect your firm’s intellectual property (IP), to gain a competitive edge in your chosen industry. Trademarks are governed by British and European regulations, so what happens when the UK leaves the EU? Turner Little asks: how could Brexit change trademark protection?
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How Your Business Can Save Money On Banking

Finding launch funding is one of the key considerations of starting a business. You need to source appropriate banking services, to handle starting and operating capital effectively, while keeping day-to-day business costs low. Turner Little discusses how your business can save money on banking.

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